Gauge for linear measurements, distance from the centres of the hole to the edge of the panel

Modern panel working production technologies have made indispensable the use of appropriate measuring instruments sufficiently precise to achieve high quality standards. The line of calipers m.conti calipers gauges has been designed to meet all woodworking measurement needs and these gauges are commonly used even in the working of aluminiumglass and sheet metals
All the gauges are made of anodized aluminium with inscribed scale and coloured black; PRECISION of 0,1 mm.


  • The length is read directly on the graduated scale, the hole distance is obtained by adding 20 mm to the value read on the scale.
  • Two pins are supplied as standard:

- Conical pin for dia. 4 to dia. 15 holes.


- Stop pin which can measure the distance between the edge of the panel and the centre of the hole. 



  • With the pins below the gauge, the distance between hole centres can be measured.



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