Gauges for linear-inside/outside measurements (digital display)


The m.conti calipers gauges Digit + digital gauges have been designed and developed to meet the need to take as quickly as possible the measurements of the dimensions of the panels in the production units.
Thanks to digital technology and to the large and easy to use display, the subjectivity of the operator is bypassed and the maximum precision is ensured.
All Digit + can be supplied on request with centesimal resolution (0.01 mm) and / or serial output.

  • Resolution 0,1 mm.
  • Light, precise and easy to use.
  • Battery powered (1 battery 1,5 V type AA).
  • Measuring system by magnetic strip our production.
  • Display functions:
    • absolute/relative;
    • selection of measuring mode;
    • programmable automatic shutdown;
    • mm/inches conversion;
    • large display for easy reading.
  • Bars and jaws are made of anodized aluminium with 500 HV hardness on the surface.
  • Optional: pins + reference jig for measuring distances between holes.


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